How can a happy person be distinguished from someone who’s unhappy? In today’s message, we’ll look at the seven markers, according to Warren Buffett.


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To change things up a bit, today we’re going to discuss the seven habits of happy people, as authored by billionaire Warren Buffett.

So what are the hallmarks of a happy person? Here’s a list of seven of them:

  1. Don’t show off. Someone who’s truly happy doesn’t have the slightest urge to show off the fruits of their labor or their accomplishments to others. Think about it: Who enjoys being in the company of a constant showboat?

  2. Talk less. A common characteristic of unhappy people talking too much—especially about themselves. The happy individual is the one who is comfortable listening to others, learning about them, and, in some cases, learning from them. Those that are happy in life are conscientious of who and what they’re talking about. As a sign that they’re comfortable in their own skin, they know their worth.

  3. Learn more. Did you know that Warren Buffett himself reads five hours a day? Of course, this stretches practicality for some of us. But you can still put in some time to learn—whether that be from books or even educational content found on YouTube or other such online tools. With the meteoric forward progress happening in the world, if you’re stagnating, you’re actually regressing.

  4. Help the less fortunate. Warren Buffett practices what he preaches in this way—he plans to donate 90% of his fortune to charity. This may not be feasible for you, but, as an alternative, you can donate your time, which is far and away more precious than money. Material wealth can be replenished, but the same can’t be said for time—once it’s gone, it’s lost forever. Don’t make the excuse that you can’t contribute because you don’t have the money. Volunteer work can be done by anyone and everyone.

  5. Laugh more. Laughing for its own sake might sound strange, but consider this: Data suggests that laughing can actually help you open up more and build relationships with others. One such study found that laughing also helps to diminish cortisol, a stress hormone.  

  6. Ignore nonsense. The first thing that too many people do when they wake up each morning is scroll through their social media feeds and read through empty nonsense, which is nothing but a total disservice to your mind’s space. Happy people are self-aware enough to know that filling their mind with irrelevant, gratuitous information will only hurt them in the long run, and they conserve their mental energy for things that matter.

  7. Avoid ever feeling entitled. An indicator of a wholly unhappy person is the feeling of entitlement. They go through life operating under the assumption that they deserve what they don’t have. In truth, no one deserves anything that they haven’t earned. Those that qualify as happy know that it takes time, hard work, and persistence and are in charge of their lives.


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